Sky Lights

Skylights offer a lasting ability to allow more light into our lives.  Professional Roofers  & Contractors El Paso can help transform any room into a more appealing space with the installation of a quality skylight – we can alter the look of the decorum and add outside ventilation to any room of your home.  A skylight increases the aesthetic appeal of any room and invites a piece of the outside world into your home.  There are a number of considerations important to the successful planning, construction and installation of a new skylight which make Professional Roofers & Contractors El Paso your trusted partner when it comes to acting on the decision to manipulate your roof in such a manner.

The placement of your skylight is fully dependent on the current placement of the roofing rafters – which we can determine in the process of developing blueprints that propel the project from the early planning stages to the final inspection once all work is complete.  Avoid cutting sections of your roof unnecessarily – place your expertise in hiring a team of professionals who can ensure the location of your skylight is exactly in line with the current and existing structural configuration.  The performance and integrity of your skylight is what our team cares about most and is paramount to the enjoyment this type of renovation can provide.

In addition to placement, performance and structural integrity of your skylight – there are also environmental considerations, safety considerations and hardware considerations which are easier to identify and plan for when you hire Professional Roofers to simplify the complex process this sort of installation can become.  We are fully licensed and guarantee our work in both El Paso and Las Cruces.  Don’t wait another moment – look forward to blue skies when you give us a call today for more information.  Call us in Texas at 915-533-8609 or New Mexico at 575-571-7371.

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