Professional Roofers are the commercial roofing contractors El Paso businesses have grown to trust for quality construction that provides sustained roofing system dependability and structural efficiency. There are significant considerations in the commercial roofing business which can result in the difference between lasting success and the loss of important projects and other forms of meaningful business to the competition.

Professional Roofers work with a goal to provide the greatest possible value into the materials we construct your roof with and the pride we place into the workmanship that has kept us on the forefront of preferred roofing companies operating in the Sun City today.


Get great performance and incredible value for your TPO roofing system. This roof is a perfect fit for both new construction and rebuilds which require a high-level performance at a budget friendly price. TPO offers a variety of installation options and is compatible with a number of rooftop surfaces.


Roofing systems for governmental buildings are obligated to meet specific code requirements. Professional Roofers is certified to install roofing systems using approved materials and methods. We adhere to local code ordinances for mechanical, fire, plumbing and others which dictate the rules behind a construction of this complexity.

Our business means placing the right importance into environmental and climatic considerations that determine the length of time your roof will last. When we plan how best to complete your commercial roofing project, we want to take into consideration varying important factors which provide an overall assessment into the state of an existing commercial roof or the needed specifications that will go into the creation of a new roof. This form of planning will help to determine the best return on investment and the level of desired efficiency each building requires.

The most frequent roofing design on commercial buildings is a flat-topped roof. This roofing style requires an appropriate level of care that will prevent pooling while ensuring proper drainage. Our team of professionals will inspect and assess the current flashing, gutters, and drain pipes.

We also take into consideration, the reflective efficiency that your roof emits by measuring the R-Value to determine the amount of thermal resistance. This is important when applying this application to other construction materials such as insulation and other solid materials which resist heat transfer.

No two buildings are exactly the same and the differences of structural integrity between different buildings and the support each requires are important to providing the proper solutions. Our team will determine what options will best support the weight of heavier materials and the construction based on the angles of the structure.

Let our team of Professional Roofers take the existing quality of your roof into consideration. Whether you require repair or replacement – our goal is to assess the situation and provide a fair solution that meets your budget and structural needs.

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