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Proactive measures in construction can prevent problems from rearing their ugly head during the early years the roof is first constructed or having it escalate to catastrophic.  Pooling of water on a flat roof holds the potential for large accumulations of the wet, soggy stuff – and this type of accumulation can result in the type of damage which minimizes the lasting functionality or a roof – and higher repair charges to reverse the type of damage that pooled water can cause.

We specialize in flat roofs, working with commercial, industrial & residential.

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Professional Roofers can build a cricket to properly divert water from your roof around the high side of a chimney – a cricket also permits the diversion of water between separate roofing surfaces.  In most cases, the cricket is generally the same pitch as the remaining portion of the roof.  A cricket fully installed in        cold-weather environments also serves to prevent the accumulation of snow and ice.   

The installation of a cricket serves well in both the aesthetic capacity and functional utility this roofing aspect has the potential to serve.  Make your home look even nicer from the curbside and beyond and help your roof perform the way it was intended to.  Ponding water can prematurely age your roof and cause structural problems – these are some effective practices which can allow the building owner a variety of benefits, to include:

  • Conduct periodic roofing inspections to determine if conditions require remediation
  • Early detection and replacement of faulty roofing components provides longer lasting roof performance
  • Eliminate standing water ponds which mosquitoes thrive upon during the spring and summer months
  • Prevent Deformation of the roof deck structure.  Ponding of water has the power to add excess weight to the roof – causing the materials to experience an undue stress.
  • Prevent growth and algae and vegetation caused by ponding can damage the roof membrane and void the manufacturer warranty

Professional Roofers has you covered.  Contact or call us today in Texas at 915-533-8609 to schedule an appointment for more information on roof cricket installation or in New Mexico we can be reached at 575-571-7371.