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Professional Roofers are qualified roofing contractors that can help maximize the life and efficiency that your roof provides with a new coating or recoating designed to make your home look great and offer protection against the elements all thanks to the best roofing services El Paso can offer.  A reflective coating provides protection against thermal expansion and contraction of the membrane which can cause leaks and damage to the inner roofing segments – which are then costlier to repair.

We specialize in flat roofs, working with commercial, industrial & residential.

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A new coating or recoat of the roofing surface is a wise economic investment.  The process to the application of a coating or recoat requires planning and preparation.  A highly reflective coating application requires the roof to be thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry before the application can successfully be applied in the correct manner. Our team accounts for each step in the construction phase and a thorough completion to ensure your roof looks great.

If you have ever questioned whether your roof can be coated, the good news is that most types of roofing systems can have the coating applied.  There are a number of surfaces that are compatible with a coating material and our team of professionals will take the time to inspect and properly inform you if your roof is one that is compatible with the surface coating. Roofing Services El Paso

Another benefit which comes with the application of the coating is a reduction in energy heating costs that typically increase in the Fall and Winter months.  Having a coating applied to your roof offers a number of functional benefits and also provides an aesthetic appeal to your property which can ultimately increase your property value.  With the proper care and maintenance – it is certainly possible to recoat the roof in the future, where additional coating material can be applied – making this coating system renewable and sustainable.

Call Professional Roofers today and let us schedule a time to discuss why a coating or recoating might be the perfect option for your roofing needs.  In Texas we can be reached at 915-533-8609 or in New Mexico you can contact us at 575-571-7371