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TPO Roofing Installation Services

TPO, which stands for thermoplastic polyolefin, is a single-ply rooting style that is mainly used for covering flat roofs. They are very synthetic and are made up of Ethylene polypropylene rubber as well as talc carbon filler or fiberglass. In addition, the overall process is quite simple, compared to other roofing styles. 

This energy efficient type of roofing is a great choice for commercial facilities. Since it is mechanically fastened and chemically adhered to insulation, it creates a layer that protects the roof of any commercial facility. 

We specialize in flat roofs, working with commercial, industrial & residential.

Affordable & Quick Roofing

It is a top choice when it comes to commercial roofing and it is a material that works best on flat surfaces. There are proper options available that will fit your budget and facility needs. Adhere TPO roofing systems support energy savings and are the most cost effective choice compared to other types of roofing.  

If you are considering getting a roofing system for your property, it is important you consider TPO as your top choice. TPO roofing membrane  is one of the newest innovations for low slope roofing types. 


Different Color options
UV rays resistant
Impact Resistant
Long Life Expectancy
Low Maintenance
Simple Installation Process


Brand Differences
Resistant to Fire
Complicated Repairs

Both pros and cons will have to do with your own personal needs for your roof. Not all roofs are made the same and so you must balance your options and the pros and cons to make sure you make the right choice for which roofing style will best fit your roof.

TPO Roofing Process

TPO sheets are manufactured and processed in large packages to ensure it covers up all corners of the roof. We prioritize making sure that once the ordered roofing sheets have been manufactured, they are taken directly to the commercial facility. 

The next step to this process is putting the sheets on the flat roof which are mechanically fastened to the roof, or can also be binded to the insulation which will form a layer of protection on the roof surface. This guarantees that your roof will be perfectly covered and safe from any harsh weather. 

TPO attachment systems are also important to consider when choosing the best fit for your roof. Just like any other roof, TPO roofing is going to be getting attached to the roof of your facility and this requires a method. The method that will be used is in terms of how your roof is set up. All three TPO roofing methods are Ballasted attachment, fastened roof, and attached roof. 

The ballasted attachment is the easiest way of attaching your roof which uses just rocks or pavers. This will weigh the roof down but may not be the most stable choice. The fastened roof choice is better for areas that have more moody weather since it uses screws in order to fasten the rubber on the roof. The attached roof method uses a specific glue that also fastens the rubber to the roof. 

TPO Costs

Our roofing applications services costs will have to do with the consideration of the conditions of the roof, warranty, roof size, and roof accessibility. 

TPO is sold in rolls. This type of roofing is relatively inexpensive and this rubber roofing material is most used for commercial buildings. Rates can be very low considering the size of the roof and the many rolls needed. Since it is sold in rolls, it is often priced by squares, which is how most types of roofing are sold. One single square of roofing material is about 100 square feet. 

Because of this, all TPO roofing costs will be estimated as quoted in squares. Many experts can agree that one square foot of TPO roofing is about $3.50 up to $14.00. The total cost for most TPO roofing ranges from $350 up to $1,400. There are different options available for TPO roofing, considering thickness and sizes, so make sure to know the exact amount of TPO roofing needed before purchasing and then ending up with an extra amount not being used. 

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Our roofing contractors will make sure to answer any questions you have about roofing options and overall services. If considering TPO roofing, El Paso’s Mountain Star Roofing will make sure to provide you with experienced roofing professionals to complete the work for you. Roof replacements can be complicated so make sure to give us a call so that you can get a proper roof repair and our highly experienced commercial roofing specialists will work with you on your specific needs. Follow us on Facebook