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Professional Roofers is your go-to-source when it comes to the installation of military metal roofing systems.  With the expansion of Fort Bliss making it one of the largest military installations west of the Mississippi River – the need for more and more military structures constructed from this specialty metal is on the rise.

We specialize in flat roofs, working with commercial, industrial & residential.

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There are a number of benefits associated with the usage of metal roofing materials:

  • Metal roofing systems offer a greater level of energy efficiency
  • Metal roofing systems protect people from weather conditions that are typically more extreme
  • Metal roofing systems are incredibly tough and remarkably versatile for use in a variety of environmental surroundings
  • Metal roofing systems are lightweight
  • Metal roofing systems are aesthetically pleasing to the eye due to their simplicity
  • Metal roofing systems are cost efficient

As you can easily see – metal offers a number of benefits which are important to the structural, economic, environmental and longevity factors which make this material a favorite in the construction of military buildings within a given military installation – such as Fort Bliss and others.  Professional Roofers is your go-to-source when it comes to constructing the perfect military metal structure.  This material is easy, fast, and simplistic in the step-by-step process needed to connect the pieces one-by-one. metal roofing el paso

The difference between metal structures and conventional structures are night and day.  Over the span of its lifetime, metal roofing systems are, on average, 50% less expensive than conventional roofing systems.   This lower expense is a benefit to taxpayers and allow a greater number of structures to be constructed in a lower amount of time – an economic benefit to both the military and the American taxpayer.metal roofing el paso

Learn more about military metal roofing systems by calling Professional Roofers today.  We are licensed and bonded in both Texas and New Mexico and can be reached at 915.533-8609 in El Paso and surrounding areas or at 575-571-7371 in Las Cruces and surrounding areas.