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Red Cedar wood shingles are a great option and a popular roofing choice for homes here in the Southwest.  Many homes in the region frequently use wood shingles because they provide protection against bad weather and are durable and provide effective insulation to the attic portion of your home.  This material offers an artistic look and is generally easy to install.  Materials for a wood shingle roof are affordable and can be customized in their color and thickness to provide a more rustic look which offers a higher level of curb appeal and functionality once installed.

We specialize in flat roofs, working with commercial, industrial & residential.

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Professional Roofers are very familiar with the installation of this material and can make your home more secure and well protected against rain, wind, and snow – all while maintaining an aesthetic appeal through the simplicity and subdued appearance that wood shingles provide.  When deciding which building material to equip the outermost protective layer of your roofing system with – the technicians we employ are able to effectively discuss and inform you why wood shingles in El Paso are a dependable option because of their ability to resist rust during the rainy season unlike metal roofing systems.  

Wood shingle roofing systems also provide better air circulation throughout your home and allow the house to “breathe” through small openings in the felt rows where the shingles are generally rested.  Wood shingles are easy to repair – and result in a roof which can be regularly maintained to offer a lasting value to your roofing investment.  

It is no mystery that wood shingles are popular because of their natural look and the character they possess.   When you contact Professional Roofers; we offer written estimates on all work we complete. Our business is fully licensed and bonded and we deliver quality work at competitive prices.  Call us today in El Paso at 915-533-8609 or in New Mexico at 575-571-7371.  Professional Roofers – we have you covered.