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TPO is a material that has increased in popularity in recent years because it provides sufficient protection and energy efficiency to buildings of all shapes and sizes.  This material has been installed on commercial structures for more than three decades and is a favorite for business owners because of its’ affordability, recyclability, and greater flexibility in cold weather environments.  This material has a highly reflective coating which is beneficial when it comes to reducing monthly energy costs.

We specialize in flat roofs, working with commercial, industrial & residential.

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Thermoplastic polyolefin or TPO as it is commonly referred to – is an excellent choice for business owners who are conscious about the impact their building materials have on the environment.  This material is easily recyclable at the end of its product life and is more affordable than both EPDM and PVC systems.  TPO is more susceptible to seasonal climate changes and installation of this material is easy to complete – as it can be fully adhered or mechanically fastened which provides a waterproof surface that is designed to protect against the outside elements.

If you are considering getting a roofing system for your property, it is important you consider TPO as your top choice. TPO roofing membrane  is one of the newest innovations for low slope roofing types. 

TPO is a great material because it provides a variety of thicknesses that and the technology that goes into producing this material makes long-term performance possible in all weather conditions.  Whether you need protection from the heat of the summer desert or operate your business in higher elevations where snowfall is the norm, TPO is versatile enough to withstand the different environmental factors your business must contend with. tpo roofing el paso

Professional Roofers has installed thousands of square feet of TPO for businesses spanning the El Paso and Las Cruces communities.  Our business is fully licensed and bonded – we are highly qualified to complete TPO commercial installation.  Give us a call today and learn how TPO can serve as an effective roofing solution. We offer free estimates and our work is fully guaranteed.