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EPDM is a polymer based rubber which is typically resistant to oxidation –  those deposits cause corrosion and a breakdown of the primary material to the point where it is not as durable or reliable in its’ performance prior to when the oxidation began – EPDM is resistant to this form of erosion.  EPDM also deflects the damage caused by sunlight, abrasions, and alkali substances.  Some of the mechanical properties of EPDM make it abrasion resistant and an excellent buffer against impact resistance.  EPDM comes in a variety of styles and classes which also impact the grade, polymer type and the tensile strength per square inch of this military grade rubber.

We specialize in flat roofs, working with commercial, industrial & residential.

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Professional Roofers is your go to source for military specific EPDM grade materials.  This type of material provides many different characteristics which are typically favorable to military construction projects.  EPDM offers suitable performance under a broad range of temperature variances – ranging from sub-zero deep freeze to triple digit extreme summer temperatures – Other materials offer a lower level of performance and a faster breakdown of these polymers – which over time – degrades and weakens the quality of the product utilized during the construction process. epdm roofing el paso

EPDM is versatile in its ability to be measured in varying levels of product thickness based on the type of project which needs to be completed.  When it comes to selecting the most effective EPDM option – our team is fully qualified and equipped to help you understand which option is most appropriate based on the type of project completion your commercial project requires.

Professional Roofers has the particulars in order from start to finish.  We construct the proper plans designed to map out the process from the planning stage until the final inspection is completed and clean-up takes place.  Call us today for more information on a military grade EPDM installation. We are licensed and bonded in both Texas and New Mexico and can be reached in El Paso and surrounding areas at 915-533-8609 or in Las Cruces and surrounding areas at 575-571-7371.