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Let the experts at Professional Roofers take over the responsibility of ensuring the job gets done right.



The roof of your home represents approximately forty percent of the visual component that is seen before most other components of your residence.  Let the experts at Professional Roofers take over the responsibility of ensuring the job gets done right. El Paso Roofing Companies

Installing a new roofing system is a sizeable investment that requires a reliable roofing contractor to make it worth the investment for the dollars invested. Subsequently, it is necessary to best determine how to evaluate a qualified roofer for the work to be completed. Professional Roofers of El Paso is among the best roofing contractors in the El Paso region. They work to ensure great structural quality at a fair and competitive price.

Building confidence, trust, and delivering a safe construction experience is certainly a sizeable part of what our company strives for on a variety of projects we complete. Any roofing job in El Paso should always include a thorough discussion and review before the project begins. That’s why we sit down and meet with all of our clients prior to a roofing job begins to make sure that all the details and budget have been met.

At Professional Roofers, we provide quality roofing services on all types of roofing issues. We provide roofing solutions for residential and commercial roofing needs. Whether you need a roof repair due to an insurance claim caused by wind damage or roof coatings, we provide all the roofing materials that your roof requires. We work each day to be your roofing contractors of El Paso.

Our team of professional installers always conduct a roofing inspection and we provide free estimates. Through the licensing and bonding of our employees, you can have the peace of mind that no job is too small or too difficult for use to complete.

We install all types of roofing systems. They include: flat roofs, shingle roofs, double shingle roofs, and tile roofing. Our quality roofing is second to none as we provide legendary customer service. While there are many roofing companies in El Paso, Professional Roofers is one of the top roofing companies in the region and none for our high standards.

Don’t hesitate to ask plenty of questions until you are comfortable and can verify the company you will work with. The best way to secure a reliable roofer is via prior customer referrals and professional recommendations, and although there are a variety of roofing contractors to choose from, Professional Roofers has the references to back up the work.

We always offer an in-person estimate, and we recommend never allowing a company to provide a quote over the telephone. Our company always dispatches qualified professionals to your specific location to gain clarity on what your project requires. Thus, we can provide reliable and accurate information on the ins-and- outs of specific project requirements – this translates to a fair and accurate quote you can rely on.

We will respond to all questions during the estimate process. Contact Professional Roofers if you are ready to install a new roof or replace an existing one with a preferred alternative to a standard residential roofing. We are a qualified roofing company determined to help you improve the look, function, and value of your property. Contact us today!


It is necessary to have a minimum slope of 2.5 inches per foot to install shingles according to manufacturer specifications. Let our team ensure that the proper measurements, materials, and processes result in the perfect final product.

Flat roof

It is very important to have a solid and secure substrate to install a flat roof system. Our company is fully equipped with the necessary equipment to complete flat roof system installations on a timeframe outlined during the estimate.


Let our team properly assess any conditions that require repair or restoration. We can identify conditions that have the ability to compromise the structural integrity of your roofing system, the most important component to holding your home together.


The team at Professional Roofers has the experience to design and install roofing components designed to prevent water from ponding on flat roofs. This will provide a more durable and longer lasting roofing system and protect your home against the potentially damaging effects of Mother Nature.

ReCoats - Coatings

We utilize only the highest grade materials to ensure that the job we complete is sure to last. Protect your roof from the prolonged summer heat this season and far beyond with professional coating designed to extend the life of built up roofs. Don’t allow harmful ultraviolet rays to degrade the workmanship you have invested in.

Wood Shingles

When we conduct our inspection of your roof, we are able to assess conditions which will surface again when building code inspections take place. Let our team of pros ensure the inspection process goes smoothly to receive a passing building code inspection.

Mobile Homes

We can recommend alternatives to traditional roofing systems that are typically found in mobile homes. We can customize your structure with a roofing system that will enhance the look and value of your mobile home.


We develop roofing systems that allow for more natural light to come through and enhance the interior of your home. We can discuss this option and others during the personal consultation to learn what your needs include.

Interior Repairs

These repairs can be done after replacing the duct system or any other water damage. We will provide detailed cost estimates during the inspection process so you are fully aware of the process and other considerations that will ultimately affect the decisions you might make.